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Sixth Annual StoryWalk

Once again, The StoryWalk Project returns this summer with a delightful way for the whole family to enjoy reading a story while enjoying the outdoors together.

Each year, StoryWalk is made possible by a partnership between the Palatine Public Library, the Palatine Park District, the Friends of the Palatine Library and many generous donors. This year, members of the community are also invided to contribute and provide donations toward the new story.

To donate any amount, you can use the donate button on this page, and on the 'special instructions' line please indicate 'StoryWalk'.

For a donation of $100 or more, you and your family can choose to be recognized as a sponsor on one of the StoryWalk panels -- celebrating your love of reading, or to recognize a special person or event (birthday, aniversary, or honor a loved one, or...).

For more information, or if you'd like to discuss how you would like the recognition text to read, please contact Ed Kerr at

Why donate to the Palatine Public Library District Foundation?

  • The Library provides a great array of materials and services to cardholders, including business owners, residing in the Library’s service area
  • Library programs and resources enhance the quality of life of residents and business owners by supporting their educational, informational, and recreational pursuits
  • The tax levy funding which the library receives from property taxes is capped and limited by legislation
  • Tax objections and foreclosures delay or eliminate tax revenues that would otherwise be paid out to the Library
  • The Library’s service area is essentially built out so no substantial increase in taxes due to new construction is expected
  • Few industries are in the Library’s service area so the tax revenue from them is more modest than many other communities receive
  • Funds traditionally received from the state are in jeopardy and the fate of the annual per capita grant is very uncertain
  • Low interest rates impact earnings on invested fund balances


The Foundation has provided funding for a number of projects that would not have been possible for the Library to fully fund including: computers in the children’s area of the Main Library, shelving and furnishings for the Freeman Road Branch renovation, the Library’s bookmobile, furniture at the Main Library and support of the proposed Main Library meeting room renovations.

  • The Foundation is a 501c 3 entity chartered by the Palatine Public Library District. All donations to the Foundation go directly to benefit patrons of the Library
  • Donations may be tax deductible and will be receipted and recognized
  • There are a variety of ways to contribute via the Foundation: endowments, single gifts, annual contributions, contributions to a specific fundraising campaign in support of a project, etc.

Just print, fill out, and return this donation form (PDF).


Or use PayPal to pay with a credit card or set up a recurring donation


Some upcoming projects and some in process...

Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday is the start of our Holiday Season Fund-raising Campaign

We had a successful launch of our much anticipated StoryWalk project at Hamilton Park.